Firearms Licensing

Our aim is to provide a professional and accountable service in the management of Firearms Licensing and Explosive Licensing for the residents of Lincolnshire.

Our priority is to support the legal, safe and secure possession of firearms. We consider all Firearm licensing applications with fairness and process them with respect and efficiency.

We function to administer two acts:

We have direct links with operational police officers and intelligence data which have come from reports and arrests, not just convictions.

Our team constantly monitors incidents and undertakes the necessary vetting of each applicants history and medical status. These procedures can take some time, but are essential to ensure that the legal ownership of a firearm, shotgun or explosive is not granted to the wrong person.

We may refuse a certificate to an applicant if they or occupants at the same address have a history of violence, irresponsible or criminal behaviour.

A large proportion of our time is spent pursuing renewal applications for certificates that are due to expire.  The prompt submission of application forms and attention to the necessary information required, releases the valuable resources necessary to keep the department up to date.


Please ensure that we receive your renewal application no more than 4 months in advance but not less than 8 weeks before the expiry date. Renewals that are being submitted on time are being completed on time. If you do not submit 8 weeks before you expire your application will not be prioritised and you will not be issued with a temporary permit.

Lincolnshire Police are providing a faster turnaround on renewal applications and in submitting your application in good time prior to expiry will mean that you are assisting Lincolnshire Police Firearms Licensing with the improved service.

Medical Verification Reports:

Lincolnshire Police now require a GP Verification Report to be submitted prior to any application being made. You are to ensure that Firearms Licensing have received the report in the first instance. Should we receive the GP Verification Report, we will contact you immediately so that you may make the application (providing we have up to date contact details). This process effects all Grants and Renewals. To request this information, please use the relevant form found on the Lincolnshire Police Firearms Licensing page (  and take this to your nominated GP Practice. Please Note: no applications will be processed without this Verification Report and may be withdrawn if you submit an application without the supporting report.

It is the certificate holders responsibility to ensure you submit your application a minimum of 8 weeks prior to expiry. It is therefore advisable to approach your nominated GP Practice in good time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dishonest Medical Declarations.

This is an appeal from Firearms Licensing for all applicants to ensure that they are being truthful regarding their medical declaration. We are currently having to  refuse people who have made dishonest declarations regarding their health. In many of these instances the condition identified would not of been a reason for refusal.

A dishonest declaration is a criminal offence and will result in the refusal whereas the existence of a condition may not necessarily result in a refusal.

Particular attention should be paid to the question on your application form “Have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for any of the relevant medical conditions…”

Relevant Documentation:

To download applications for the following:

  • Explosive certificates
  • Registered Firearm Dealership
  • Land Nomination Forms
  • Notification of Gun Transfer

Please visit here.


This site is not monitored 24 hours a day – in an emergency please dial 999 or non emergency please dial 101.

Useful links:

Home Office – Guide on Firearm Licensing Law (Apr 2016)

Home Office Security Manual 2005

Health & Safety Executive – Explosives Information


apply online

Online Licensing

You can now submit your application for a new license, a renewal application, change of address, a certificate variation, and transfers via our Firearms Licensing Online Portal.

Please click on “register now” to create an account and begin your application. Applications made online require a payment card to meet the fee of the application. Please make sure you have your payment card to hand when submitting your application.

What do I Need?

To submit an application successfully you will need the following:

  • Mobile phone with good network coverage
  • GP Surgery details
  • GP Verification Report
  • Details of any offences
  • Weapon details
  • Referee details
  • A current photograph (Passport style)
  • Card transaction details for the application fee

Without the above you will not be able to submit your application.

How to Guides

Below are some helpful guides if you are struggling to make your application: